"[SBWC] was a turning point for my writing and a major step that led to publication."

- Lori Hartman Gervasi

10-Minute Agent/Editor Pitch Sessions

Agents get hundreds of written proposals and query letters on a daily basis. Most go straight to the bottom of the pile. A face-to-face conversation with an agent might help your project get better attention.

Or you might get valuable professional feedback as to the direction you might want to take your project. The agent will meet you personally and will have a face to put with your name if you follow up with a formal query letter, proposal or manuscript.

What is a pitch session?

This is a 10-minute personal meeting with an agent or an editor in which you “pitch” your book project. For nonfiction writers, a pitch session is an oral proposal in which you lay out the basic idea of your project and its structure in the hopes of piquing the agent’s interest. If you write fiction, you will pitch the idea of your novel to an agent with the goal of interesting the agent to see your manuscript.

This is speed dating for writers. Plan ahead what you want to say so that you put forth an image that reflects the quality of your project.

How it works:

  • Subject to availability of time slots, you may sign up to pitch your idea to as many agents or editors as you choose. Once you are a registered attendee of the conference, you may pick agents from the list below and use our secure online registration to sign up for a 10-minute pitch session. There is no manuscript involved.
  • Please make your selections carefully. Once purchased there will be no changes or refunds given for any reason, so please consider your choices carefully.
  • Your schedule of pitch sessions will be given to you along with your SBWC conference badge when you check-in at registration on June 5.

Pitch Session Fees:

The cost for each 10-minute pitch session is $30 dollars. There is no manuscript involved, but you may bring a 1-page query letter or synopsis that you could leave with the agent upon the agent’s request.

Once you have processed your credit card, return to the advance submissions page for mailing instructions.


We have 10 agents available this year.

Annie Bomke — Annie Bomke Literary Agency
Amy Coughley — Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Paul Fedorko — The Paul Fedorko Agency.
Toni Lopopolo — Toni Lopopolo Literary Management
Jill Marr —  Sandry Dijkstra Literary Agency
Eric Myers — Myers Literary Management
Sarah Phair — Trident Media Group
Angela Rinaldi
— The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency
BJ Robbins — BJ Robbins Literary Agency
Ken Sherman — Ken Sherman & Associates

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