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- Lori Hartman Gervasi

Advanced Submissions - Online Registration

Once you have processed your credit card, return to the advance submissions page for mailing instructions.

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I would like agents and/or editors to read my manuscript(s) at $45 each.
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You may have up to ten readers total and no reader will read more than one submission per attendee.

Note: Number your readers in order of preference. We suggest including a few selections beyond the number of readers you have paid for as alternate choices. Your manuscript would only be sent to an alternate reader in the event that one of your first choice readers has become unavailable.

For example: If you want to submit to three readers, totaling $135, you will make those readers your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices. Then please choose two alternate choices.  If you are sending the maximum number of manuscripts, we will contact you to discuss your options should there be a problem.

If you have chosen multiple readers, you will include a copy for each reader, as well as an additional copy for the conference. For example: if you have chosen three readers, you will mail four copies of your manuscript.

Agents and Editor:

We have 9 agents who will be reviewing your manuscripts this year.

Annie Bomke - Annie Bomke Literary Agency
Paul Fedorko - The Paul Fedorko Agency
Charlotte Gusay - The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
Dara Hyde - Hill Nadell Literary Agency
Mary C. Moore - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Eric Myers - Myers Literary Management
Dana Newman - Dana Newman Literary
Liz Parker - Verve Talent and Literary
Ken Sherman - Ken Sherman & Associates

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